Jerusalem Post
  1. Mass protests sweep Iraq, target pro-Iran militias and parties

    Baghdad shuts Internet, sends US-trained elite counter-terror units to quell economic unrest.
  2. ‘Give peace a chance,’ U.N. envoy tells Palestinians

    “I have to appeal to all parents of children in Gaza today to step back and keep the protests peaceful.”
  3. Key Mossad documents confirm extent of Iranian nuke plan revealed by Netanyahu

    The decades-old documents date from the time of Project Amad, the nuclear project Netanyahu referenced in April.
  4. Knesset to vote on bill limiting Palestinian access to High Court

    The legislation transfers land cases from the High Court of Justice to Administrative Courts, by expanding its ability to hear legal cases outside of the judicial purview of sovereign Israel.
  5. Report: Turkish citizen deported by Israel, returns to Turkey

    Anadolu also stated that the arrest was "groundless" and that the information came from a "Presidential aide".