BET AVIV MEN’S CLUB is pleased to announce the inaugural Program of the 2021-2022 calendar year.  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2021, 10:00 AM @ OMI, ROOM #300.  Program will be BOTH via Zoom (see below for link) OR in-person option.

Topic is:  “Alaskan Earthquake 1964 as experienced by Bob & Chelle Ginsburg”.  You had to be there to believe it!!

Bet Aviv’s current Covid-protocol will be adhered to, including masking in Room #300 (except when drinking), social  distancing, checking for vaccination compliance, no food service.

At some future date we hope to receive clearance for pre-packaged individual food service, including Bagelichous-light (bagel, lox portion, cream cheese tub, fruit cup, rugullach).

No RSVP is required.  Please join us via either Zoom or in-Person to learn about this momentous event of 1964.