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Bet Aviv’s officers are installed during a Shabbat Service

Bet Aviv is governed by a Board of Directors who meet once per month to discuss issues of importance to our synagogue.  The Board consists of the officers who comprise the Executive Committee, and the Committee Chairs and Members-at-Large who form the Board of Directors.  We discuss new directions for Bet Aviv, review our financial health, hear status from Committee Members and respond to various opportunities to do mitzvahs in the community.

Executive Committee

Bet Aviv’s officers, except for the immediate past president, are elected for a two-year term and may continue in the same position for one additional two-year term. Click on the Secretary and Treasurer Titles to see the responsibilities for that office. Bet Aviv’s officers are:

President Azi Siner
Vice President Morris Levine
Vice President Linda Feldmesser
Secretary Gayle Miller
Treasurer Art Brody
Immediate Past President Richard Madonna


The Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss operational issues and recommends options for complex issues facing the board.

Trustees/Committee Chairs

Click on the links to view a list of the responsibilities for that role within Bet Aviv.

Adult Education Sylvia Bloch
Adult Education Diane Willen
Budget Lou Ebert
Communications Linda Feldmesser
Federation Barbara Hurwitz
Membership Calvin Blinder
Member at Large Lori Kassoff
Men’s Club Alan Berlin
Men’s Club Bob Hurwitz
OMI Representative Darla Strouse
OMI Representative Hal Kassoff
Ritual/Worship Darla Strouse
Sisterhood/WRJ Judy Silver Weisberg
Social Action Cindy Lifson
Social Action Laura Siner