To keep our congregants abreast of upcoming events, we publish a weekly bulletin, called What’s Nu? Published each week on Wednesdays, What’s Nu? contains a list of upcoming events for the next four weeks. The main body of the bulletin contains Bet Aviv events, followed by any upcoming events for our parters in the community. Each entry consists of three parts: the date, time and location of the event, the title of the event and the name of the person to contact should you need further information or want to RSVP. The title of the event contains a link to our website calendar when you can find a detailed description of the event. The contact name also contains an e-mail link and sometimes a phone number.

If you are a prospective member who would like to be on our distribution list for What’s Nu?, then please send us a message with your request. You should know that since What’s Nu is distributed through our Announcements server, you will receive all messages that we send, not just the weekly bulletin. If you have something that you would like to appear in What’s Nu?, then contact Geri Epstein. We limit our inclusion in What’s Nu to community events of Jewish interest from nearby organizations.