Bet Aviv, as part of its efforts to continually foster a caring community, has created a program that provides support, solace and hope to Bet Aviv congregants during times of illness, suffering, loss, and grief. Congregants are encouraged to contact Rabbi Joseph at if there is a need/illness in their family, or if they know of a Bet Aviv member who is in need of this type of support.

About The Caring Committee

Our areas of care include providing:

  • meals to Bet Aviv members who are ill
  • assistance during Shiva
  • get well cards
Policies the Caring Committee Has Adopted
  1.  Mi Sheberachs  – Before you include a congregant’s name to be mentioned in the Mi Sheberach  prayer, please make sure that the person gives you permission to have his/her name read at services.  Names will be read for one month. If the congregant requests further announcements at services, the Temple office will need to be notified at the beginning of the new month. 
  2.  Get Well Cards – As part of this process, we will continue to send out get well cards. If you know of a congregant who is ill, please let a committee member know . We want to make sure we do not overlook someone who is ill or having surgery.
  3. Meals – Other services that we will continue to provide will be two to-three meals for those congregants who are in need during an illness.
  4. Shiva– Also we can be available to be at a house of Shiva to receive food ordered by the family and friends when they are attending the funeral and burial.


Questions about The Caring Committee or Bet Aviv members who are interested in joining The Caring Committee should contact:

  • Ellen Rappoport
  • Joan Selekoff