Bet Aviv, as part of its efforts to continually foster a caring community, has created a program that provides support, solace and hope to Bet Aviv congregants during times of illness, suffering, loss, and grief. Congregants are encouraged to contact Rabbi Bernstein at if there is a need/illness in their family, or if they know of a Bet Aviv member who is in need of this type of support.

About The Caring Committee

Our areas of care include providing:

  • meals to Bet Aviv members who are ill;
  • assistance during Shiva (setting up, cleaning up) and follow-up after the mourning period;and
  • support for ill or aging members by sending notes or visiting them at home or in the hospital.

Questions about The Caring Committee or Bet Aviv members who are interested in joining The Caring Committee should contact:

  • Eileen Engel
  • Ruth Lubitz
  • Ellen Rappoport
Organization of The Caring Committee

The Caring Committee is composed of four subcommittees.

1. The Bereavement Committee works cooperatively with the Shiva Chairperson provide help to the family in setting up shiva, staying at the home of the bereaved during the funeral to wait for food delivery, and assisting in the clean-up after shiva.

2. The Cooking/Delivering Meals Committee works with the family to determine if meals are needed for the person in need and coordinates efforts among friends, family, and volunteers to provide a meal(s) as needed.

3. The Cards and Gifts Committee sends notes to ill and bereaved members on behalf of the congregation. Occasionally, gifts are sent to those suffering from long-term illnesses.

4. The Home/Hospital Visit Committee will coordinate with the family to schedule a visit(s) with the person in need.

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In addition to the Bet Aviv Caring Committee, there are additional resources in Howard County for those members in need. There is a very helpful website called the Maryland Access Point for Senior Assistance and Information (formerly the Office on Aging) that provides a list of resources available for Maryland citizens in need. Click here to learn more. The Maryland Access point office is located at 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, 2nd Floor, Columbia, MD, 21046. They are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and can be reached at 410-313-5980 or 410-313-6410.