Bet Aviv’s clergy consists of our Rabbi, Linda Joseph, and our cantorial soloist, Beth Rubens. Bet Aviv is also blessed with a Rabbi Emeritus,  Seth Bernstein, a Rabbi Emeritus, Marc Lee Raphael, and a Cantor Emeritus, Margery Auerbach.

Rabbi Linda Joseph joined Bet Aviv in 2019, following her most recent service as rabbi at Har Sinai in Baltimore.  You can learn more about Rabbi Joseph by clicking here.

Beth Rubens joined Bet Aviv in January 2022 as our Cantorial Solist.  You can read more about our cantorial solist by clicking here.

Our most recent rabbi, Seth Bernstein served from July 2011 until June 2019, when he retired.  You can learn more about his distinguished career by clicking here.

Our first rabbi, Marc Lee Raphael was with us from our inception until 2011.  We were fortunate to have such an astute scholar serve as our rabbi for so long.  You can read about his accomplishments by clicking here.

Cantor Margery Auerbach served Bet Aviv from 2001 until her retirement in 2014.  She and her husband Jim remain a vital part of our congregation.  You can read about Cantor Auerbach by clicking here.