In keeping with the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah, the members of Bet Aviv make generous contributions to the congregation in times of joy or sorrow.  Donations to Bet Aviv will be considered to be donations to the General Fund. These funds supplement the monies raised through dues for the operation of the synagogue, including salaries, rent, equipment and supplies, program costs, and so on. Alternatively, donations may be directed to a specific purpose in the discretion of the donor. For example, a gift may be made to Bet Aviv “for the benefit of the Men’s Club”, “for bima flowers at the High Holidays”, or “for the benefit of the choir.” (Please note that all current Shabbat Prayer books contain dedication book plates and additional purchases are not currently contemplated. Any donations requesting prayer book dedications will yield a dedication book plate in a limited number of High Holiday guest prayer books.)

An additional alternative for those making gifts, is to contribute to one of the Restricted Funds established at Bet Aviv so that the donation can only be used for the limited purpose of the fund. These restricted funds are:

Arnold Feldman Social Action – Established in memory of Bet Aviv member Arnold Feldman and used to fund promote local, national, and international awareness and support of social conscience issues.

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund – Contributions are used to fund the Cantor’s musical or other interests.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund– Contributions are used by the Rabbi for the benefit of Bet Aviv’s members.

General Fund – Donations are used by the Bet Aviv Board of Directors as needed.

Paula Polinsky Congeniality Fund – Established in memory of Paula Polinsky and contributions are used to support the Membership committee and special events.

Prayer Book Dedication – Donations of $36 or greater are recognized on bookplates on the inside of the prayer books.

Richard Tobin Memorial Fund – Established in memory of Richard Tobin and contributions are used for Torah repair and rededication.

Security Fund – Contributions are used to offset the costs of providing security at all services, Shabbat and High Holidays.

Bet Aviv Memorial Board

Donations may also be made to commemorate the loss of someone dear to you through the purchase of an engraved plate to add to the Bet Aviv Memorial Boards displayed at each service. Contact the office for details.

NEW!  High Holiday Appeal

Donations may be made to support Bet Aviv’s general expenses through our High Holiday Appeal Form.  This is a different form from our general donations form.  To donate online using our Holiday Appeal Form, click here.

How to Make Donations

Online:  To make a donation to Bet Aviv and pay online with a credit card or an electronic check, click here

Mail Payment:  You may also choose to make a donation by downloading a paper form and sending it in with a check. To make a donation to Bet Aviv please click here for our donation form in pdf format or here for the donation form in Word format. Save it to your computer, fill it out on-line (Word) or manually (pdf) , then print and enclose it with your donation.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.