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    1.   Campaign Performance
    2.   Signup
    3.   Need Help, Ask a Question, Share a Comment
    4.   Tips to Help You Reach 75
    5.   Watch this Video if You’re Having Trouble Signing Up or Getting to Your Personal Feedback Page

75-75-150 HundredX Campaign Performance

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75-75-150 HundredX Campaign Sign up

You can sign up now by clicking here or via Text or QR code as shown in the flyer below.

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Need Help, Ask a Question, Share a Comment

Click HERE if you need help, want to ask a question, or would like to share a comment.

Tips to Help You Reach 75

If you stuck for new ideas, here are 5 tips that will help you reach 75 opinions. These ideas are things that worked for Geri and may help you reach the max of 75.

  1. Bunch ideas together. If you think of a bank that you use, think about all the banks that you use at the same time.  You may have multiple banks for different services such as checking, savings, CDs, mortgage payments, or car payments.  While you’re thinking about money, expand into brokerage companies that hold your IRAs, 401ks, annuities, and perhaps trust funds.  You could follow the same process for restaurants, appliances and electronic gadgets that you have in your home or office.
  2. Plan ahead. My quota for getting to 75 pieces of feedback was to complete 10 items per day.  When I finished entering the first 10, I looked around for the next 10 and wrote them in a spreadsheet.  That way, when I sat down to give my feedback next, I was able to move quickly down the list.
  3. Categories. If you start to run out of ideas, look through the categories and subcategories.  Just reading through may jog your memory of items that you have experience with.  Remember that the experience needs to be within the last 6 months to count.
  4. Alphabetic Search. If you still need more ideas, just enter the letter “A” in the search box.  All the products and services that begin with A will list and keep going. You may see something in that list that you have experience with that you hadn’t thought of.
  5. Multiple Entries. Be aware that some items have multiple entries.  For example, there is Walmart, Walmart Grocery and Walmart Pharmacy.  Another example of multiple entries is Amazon, Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle.

If you find these tips helpful, then let me know by sharing a comment HERE .

Watch This Video if You’re Having Trouble Signing Up or Getting to Your Personal Feedback Page

At our program launch, several Bet Aviv members met with Stephanie Oki to learn about HundredX and signup.  This video is a replay of that 30 minute zoom session.  Start about at 7:05 minutes into the video to see the step-by-step demo of how to sign up and get back to your personal feedback page.  Follow along with Stephanie for about 10 minutes and you’ll be signed up and ready to give feedback.